Help us raise a seed capital for bringing Sander Veeneman’s story to the silver screen, by purchasing one of his photographic masterpieces as a gift to yourself, or others.

Sanset Pictures is currently preparing Sander Veeneman’s first feature film, Exposed. Hence we started a crowdfunding project to cover all the necessary preperation costs of this large filmproject. Within a year we have sold over 130 portraits. From here, our aim is to become the biggest film crowdfunder by selling a total of 300 pieces.

To raise the seed capital, you can help us by purchasing the limited edition portrait Sander made of Nelson Mandela.

Mandela is one of our heroes, as he is for many throughout the world. For year after year, Sander Veeneman wanted to get this living legend in front of his camera. He asked the Government Information Service countless times but always got the same answer: “no”.
Sander didn’t give up . He carried on asking and giving them reasons why they should change their minds. It took weeks and weeks, but he succeeded, making the impossible possible. He was extremely honoured and happy to be able to shoot the picture of Mandela, which even got him nominated for the Silver Camera Award. This experience taught Sander to never give up and always keep on trying.

In addition to the masterpiece portrait of Nelson Mandela, you can also choose from 8 other portraits.
Perhaps you are more interested in an intriguing picture of football legend Johan Cruyff. Or maybe a picture of Paul Huf is more of your taste.
Go ahead, take a look, and select your own crowdfunding gift!